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In the cameras and optics miniaturization trend (mainly led by Camera Phones), optical performances must not be neglected, quite the opposite. The image quality is increasingly important and complex optical functions such as Autofocus, Image Stabilization and Zoom are becoming essential.  Wavelens is leveraging MEMS technologies to provide their customers with compact and slim solutions in order to help them to develop and integrate such complex optical functions easily. With their low actuation voltage and their high power efficiency, Wavelens’ optical MEMS offer a cost effective solution to customers.

About Wavelens
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We are looking for highly skilled people motivated to be involved into a growing and innovative company.

About Wavelens


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Wavelens’ activities are mainly focused on the design, characterization, and sales of innovative optical solutions based on MEMS technologies.

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MINATEC is unlike any other R&D facility in Europe with a 20-hectare state-of-the-art campus with 10,000 m² of clean room space.



Wavelens is looking for highly skilled people particularly motivated to be involved into a growing and innovative company. If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to send your resume.

Wavelens headquarters are located in Grenoble, France.

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